Why Us

What makes us unique

Irina Meidman, founder:
After qualifying as a solicitor through a traditional “law firm route”, I have moved in-house and have spent the rest of my career as an in-house lawyer, regularly engaging external counsel for various types of specialist assistance. In my experience traditional law firms tend to shy away from data, preferring subjective evaluations that preserve their brand and reputation. They often promote what they can do and how well they can do it rather than focus on client needs and expectations. I have found that legal expertise alone is not sufficient, clients want it combined with industry, commercial, and IT expertise, and that the law firms are not meeting purchaser expectations in a number of key areas: industry knowledge and genuine interest in client business, quick response and short turnaround times, pragmatic legal advice that focuses on client needs, and clear and transparent fee structures without extra hidden costs and over-billing. But, as the saying goes, opportunity lies where the complaints are. I have founded Studio Meidman with client interest in mind to bridge these particular gaps.” ​

Meidman Law is not a traditional law firm. Although our founder and all our consultants are fully qualified attorneys trained in top law firms and admitted to the roll, they have spent the major part of their career in-house. Contrary to outside counsel, they know your industry and related risks inside out, and, what’s more important, having always been on the client side, they fully understand client needs, expectations and budgets. We will be your true business partner and “plug-and-play” extension of your legal team, offering workable solutions rather than subjective evaluations. As a small organisation with low overheads, we offer high quality service without the high fees. Our fee structure is fully transparent, discussed and agreed upfront and based on a lump sum fee or a daily rate. You will know exactly who is working on your project, we don’t use trainees to do “less interesting” work and we won’t charge you for sending and reading your emails or discussing your project on the phone. We are also passionate about what we do and want the best for our clients - meaning that we are always responsive, friendly and on your side. Our flexible way of working enables our clients to have access to legal expertise for a specific period of time or for a specific purpose, for example to support bid preparation, contract drafting, document review and due diligence, large project execution & contract management, or simply as a temporary replacement in case of sickness and maternity. This allows you to receive specialist assistance without a need to retain each type of legal expertise in house or pay excessive law firms fees. However, traditional law firm can also benefit from our services for outsourcing project work without committing their own resources. In addition, we provide a cost effective specialist training to your team to improve their skills and knowledge and, as a result, their productivity and motivation. ​